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We're a health tech startup on a mission to end respiratory discomfort and breathe health back into households across the world

Easing the respiratory burden early


are hospitalised every year due to Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) alone


is spent on viral respiratory illnesses in children every year


is how many ALL CHILDREN experience per year


2 children in need have no access to respiratory relief

Proud Parents_edited.jpg


is how most parents feel when their child is in discomfort from a respiratory illness


is how parents describe current management due to limited options

UP TO $30,000 USD 

is cut into the annual household income as the cost of missing work to care for sick child


of flu-like viral infections are experienced by children every year

Breathing health back into households


Misti Nebuliser is changing how we manage respiratory illnesses

A compact, safe and


at-home inhaler

to provide quick relief to children from the discomfort of a blocked and stuffy nose.

Designed for kids

so they aren't scared of being treated, making it a comforting experience for both children and parents. 

Sustainably designed for environmental consciousness –

our masks are dishwasher-friendly for reuse, offering easy cleaning.

MyMisti is child-friendly and as easy to use as a thermometer

to be used at-home, kindies but also aged cares,

Transforming 10+ years of cutting-edge medical research into a child-friendly inhaler 
MyMisti - Empower your households with fast, effective and natural solutions for your respiratory

Accessible to all, as simple as a thermometer, MyMisti aims to benefit childcare, elderly care, kindergartens, pharmacies, and households worldwide by providing at-home, respiratory relief.

MedMisti - Protecting against preventable infection

Misti is driven by the mission to shield children from respiratory illnesses, offering accessible, effective, and enjoyable treatments that parents can effortlessly provide at home. Our aim is to empower families to reclaim their healthy, vibrant lives using hospital-grade nebuliser.

MedMisti is coming soon.

MyMisti is now available for pre-order


$149 for a limited time only 

Price in AUD and excl. GST.

Postage to be paid at time of shipment - ETA 2024

Brands that trust us

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Misti Awards & Acknowledgements

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Medtech Actuator Accelerator
Cohort 7
Winner of
IDE Building Better Futures for Health Challenge 2022

and also of the People's Choice Award of the night!
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Startmate Winter23 Accelerator Cohort

Meet our Founder

Dr Anushi (Kulasiri) Rajapaksa

My journey with Misti began at the tender age of 7, fueled by a profound fear of needles that made receiving even basic medical care a daunting challenge - for myself and my parents! It became evident that there were countless other children like me facing similar fears.

Over the past 15 years, my unwavering commitment to this cause has driven my career in R&D research. Building upon the foundation of my PhD, I dedicated a decade to addressing this problem as a senior researcher, generously funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council at Melbourne's esteemed Royal Children's Hospital, while being a mom to two wonderful children.


For the last 5 years, my focus has been on refining Misti's design and conducting rigorous pre-clinical testing to put an end to children's respiratory viruses and the discomfort they cause and safely breathe back health into households. 

2023 ausmumpreneur silver badge.png

Ausmumpreneur Multicultural Excellence SILVER 2023

Young Biomedical Engineer of the Year 2010


Women of Colour Entrepreneur 

An Interview with Dr Anushi Rajapaksa

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Your fast and effective inhalation therapy
at home to breathe easier on the go

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